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Reefer containers

Does your cargo have to be kept at a constant temperature? Then let Box2Trade supply you with your cool containers (reefers). Our standard range of reefers is + 25 to -25 degrees Celsius. In addition to the valid CSC approval, all our cool containers are subjected to a PTI test (“pre-trip inspection”) before they leave the depot. As a result, you can be 100% certain that you are receiving reefer containers. The container is set to the desired temperature and all lines and cooling systems are tested one more time.

As standard, our cool containers are fitted with a 380V/460V EEC form 4-pole connector/32 Amp. We can also convert the container so that 220V is also sufficient. If there is no current in the area, we can provide an external power source so that the cool container still remains at the correct temperature.

Do you have to keep highly sensitive products at the right temperature? Allow us to build in a system that warns you in case of malfunctions and/or excessive temperature fluctuations.




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